Aludin Wall

The Aludin Wall is a range of mountains north of the major nations, forming the northern border of Kaad and forming the southern border of the Ice Plains, a seemingly endless frozen waste to the north.

The mountains themselves are treacherous. The cold weather that is common in the northern continent leaves the summits of the mountains covered in snow at all times, and strong winds and blizzards spring up on the upper slopes with great regularity.

The tallest mountain in the range is known as Belyotets in the Forgotten Tongue, though it’s more recent Kaadi translation is better known: H’vit Far. Literally: “White father”.

None live within the ranges; only Kaadi farmers living at the foot of the slopes will venture any distance into the mountains, since it is considered dangerous even to those living in the bleak countryside nearby.

Aludin Wall

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