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Most of the known world is made up of one significant landmass. Civilization stretches as far north as the Aludin Wall, a line of mountains that separates the habitable lands from the Ice Plains to the north. City-states and countries fill the land between the Wall and the Burning Lands to the south.

To the West is the Great Sea and the islands of Kaad and Jahanda (Kaad is two or three times the size of Jahanda) as well as the Western Archipelago, a collection of dozens, maybe hundreds, of small islands. To the east is a huge desert, The Thirst.

Major nations:

Minor nations:

  • Brosa, a small city-state on a peninsula at the southern end of the coast. Rife with low-lives and criminals, it is a pirate’s haven and the only place to sail to to avoid trade restrictions further up the coast
  • ?

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